Although we love all aspects of remodeling, we specialize in kitchens and baths!  Justin, AKA "The Wizard", is experienced with carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and all aspects of remodeling.   His passion and experience in renovating airstream trailers and cars has also taught him a lot of techniques that he can apply to household renovations and has introduced him to products that many in the industry are still unaware of.  He has learned to think on his feet and his creativity and ingenuity are a true gift!  He has an eye for detail and won't stop until every aspect of the project is done to perfection.  

The first step in any project is to schedule a consultation for Kylie and/or Justin to come meet you and talk with all homeowners about the project.  We take lots of photos, measurements, and notes so that we can begin our estimate and design process.  We are happy to speak with you about your projects, take a look at them, and give you an estimate for our services- this is complementary!  After we have good idea about what you would like to have done and if we're on the same page as it pertains to overall budget and timeline, we'll begin our full design & rendering process which can take several weeks, possibly over a month, depending on how large your project is and how far out we are scheduled.  After that, we'll schedule a time to meet where we'll present to you all of the design ideas that we have come up with, exact quote(s), products we have specified, and the estimated project timeline. We'll have samples for you to see and drawings and/or computer renderings of your new layouts for you to look at to visualize your new space!  For larger spaces like kitchens- virtual reality goggles can be used to walk through the space!! From there, we'll work with you to hammer out any changes and once everyone is happy, we sign a contract and set a date!  

I'd like to say everything will run perfectly from there, but renovations have a way of running into bumps from time to time!  We can't promise we won't run into anything crazy inside your walls, but we can promise that we will always communicate with you and work through any hiccups with honesty and integrity and hopefully make the renovation process as easy as possible!  You will have Justin as your installation contact and Kylie as your office  and design contact and together, we will guide you through! 

Check out the video below to get a snapshot of the services we offer and for more images of our portfolio, check out our Project Photos link above!